Paul O'Reilly

I am a Senior Lecturer in Statistical Genetics at the MRC SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. I did my PhD at Imperial College London on detecting recent positive selection in the human genome, supervised by David Balding and co-supervised by Ewan Birney. After a post-doc with Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin and Lachlan Coin, working on numerous GWAS projects and methodology development focused on multivariate GWAS (MultiPhen) and inversion polymorphisms, I began a lectureship in the same dept. in 2011, before moving to King's in October 2013. I'm interested in working on quantitative problems in population genetics and genetic epidemiology.


Methods & Software



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I currently teach on, and am Module Leader for, the Statistical Genetics module on the MSc Genes Environment and Development and on the Summer School: Analysis of Genetic Association Studies at the MRC SGDP Centre, IoPPN, King's College London. Previously, at Imperial College London, I taught statistics & epidemiology on the Medicine Undergraduate course, and statistics and statistical genetics on the MSc Bioinformatics, MSc Modern Epidemiology and Masters in Public Health courses.

Other roles

I am the Deputy Programme Leader of the MSc Genes Environment and Development and a scientific director (along with Cathryn Lewis) of the Summer School: Analysis of Genetic Association Studies at the MRC SGDP Centre, IoPPN, King's College London. I am an Associate Editor for BMC Genomics.